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SALE on Espenlaub Militaria. -10 % OFF

SALE on Espenlaub Militaria! We are having a holiday sale and it ends on December, 15. -10% discount on all our items (except consignment items). Harry up!...

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Espenlaub Militaria - online militaria antiques shop

Espenlaub Militaria is online militaria antiques shop: sell, buy and trade uniforms, insignia, helmets, awards, field gear of Imperial Russia, USSR, Imperial Germany and 3rd Reich. We do restoration works, give advices and consultations for collectors, film studios and museums. Espenlaub Militaria supplies collectors from all over the world and foremost museums including the Belgian Royal Museum of the Armed Forces, Gdansk Museum of the WW2, Estonian Museums and others European private and state museums with 20'th century German and Russian militaria. Our militaria collectibles are found in collections of everyday people and very famous collectors, in reference books and magazine articles. We are trying to keep history alive. We do not support any political ideas, and our collectibles and regalia is only for historical interest....

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Meet us at the Waffen Börsen (WBK) in Kassel, Germany, from 24-27 November at our place O-2!

We are taking a part in one of the biggest European Militaria & Gun Show - WBK, 24.11-27.11. All our friends and customers are more than welcome to meet us there. ...

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November,11 NEW UPDATE Is Online Now. More Than 170 Rare Militaria Items were added

November, 11 NEW UPDATE is online now. More than 170 new ww2 and ww2 mlitaria items were added. Check our RUSSIAN UNIFORMS section for dozen ww2 gymnasterka and tunics like M 43 Parade tunic for NKVD troops, M43 Gymnasterka for medical or veterinary service in RKKA, M35 RKKA Armored troops tunic for NCOs, M 35 RKKA Armored troops tunic for NCOs, RKKA overcoat, ww2 long boots and others original uniforms. Wehrmacht Heer signals visor hat for NCO and M 38 Wehrmacht Heer Feldmutze in well worn condition, dated 1940 were added to WW2 German Headgear section. Dozens 3rd Reich medals and orders like EK2 crosses, NSDAP awards, KVK2, KVK1, panzer badges, Luftwaffe badges were updated. You will also find many different German WW2 insignia like shoulder boards, straps, collar tabs, Russian and German ww2 field gear, NSDAP and HJ insignia, Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe breast and cap eagles, Infantry Waffenrock - tunic in rank Oberfeldwebel in Musician unit - Musikzug in Wehrmacht Heer - German Army, few SS and Wehrmacht DogTags, Russian winter hat, Wehrmacht and RAD buckles and much more....

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October,08 NEW UPDATE Is Online Now. More Than 180 Rare Militaria Items were added

October,08 NEW UPDATE is online now. More than 180 rare and unique items were published. Check our GERMAN UNIFORMS section for few ww2 tunics like Feldbuse M 1941 for Infantry, Infantry lieutenants Feldbluse, uftwaffe Flakartillerie Tuchrock for lieutenant in Leichte Flak Abteilung 94, and others original uniforms. Kriegsmarine M 40 ET 64 helmet, M 18 Transititional single decal helmet and others helmets were added to German WW2 Steel Helmets section. You will also find dozens of German WW2 insignia like shoulderboards, straps, collar tabs, Militia M47 uniforms, NSDAP and HJ badges, Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe breast eagles, few SS DogTags, Russian M36 helmet, M40 Steel helmet hat and much more....