SS and Polizei helmets

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  • German M42 Waffen-SS steel helmet. Volunteer.
    German M42 Waffen SS steel helmet. Not typical grey-green colour, seen on police and SS earlier produced helmets. The helmet's liner is 100% original to the helmet. Most likely, the decal has been depot applied. The stamps on the neck guard apron of the helmet are ET 66 and the lot number 3551. The leather liner is signed by the owner and we can read something like "Hensch" on ...
  • Black Austrian M 16 Polizei steel helmet
    Black Austrian M 16 Polizei steel helmet. Third Reich police units helmet, has been once repainted in apple green color and remains of this color could be still visible on the inner part of the helmet.  Nice shiny parade black color with remains of both decals. The eagle decal has been applied over soldered hole. In early period this  hole was used for applying Austri...