WW1 and Imperial German Headgear

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  • WW 1 camouflaged German helmet- Mimikri
    German WW1 helmet in it's original camo, called "Mimikri". It has some patina over the camouflage paint. Inside of the neckguard appron is marked with unit's number and the personal number of the owner. 225/12 Kompanie. The helmet size marked B.F. 62. The leather liner is in salty condition, front leather pad is repaired and not a period done. Very interesting helmet!
  • M 16 Imperail German steel helmet
    M 16 Imperail German steel helmet. Sand painted for Expeditionary corps in China or for colonial troops. Found in the old barn near the Belgian-French border, looks a battle damaged. The leather part of the liner is missed, chinstraps are present but dried . The helmet with a very strong character and it's still a nice collectible item!